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Yes, I'll keep this brief. Promise.

I've been an LJ peep off and on since 2001, which seems like a long time now that I'm thinking about it, and it is. All of my adult life, in fact. I've also dabbled in DeadJournal, GreatestJournal, and other non-journal-ish social network sites. And yet, I always seem to find myself back here.

I think it's because of the open nature of the community, the more mature outlook (for the most part), and (in times past) the adult-themed LJ communities. Now, however, censorship is becoming commonplace, and that slight edge of paranoid insularity is beginning to add a nasty mood to the place. Look, folks. I'm not for children being given free access to harmful material. I do understand the theory behind censorship. HOWEVER. In practice, I personally feel that a) it is THE PARENT'S responsibility to decide what is and is not appropriate for their own child and to set parameters for that child and that b) censorship in most forms is not only wrong but morally and ethically harmful and often causes more damage than it seeks to prevent.

I also have a strong dislike for all things corporate. Everyone has to make a paycheck, yes, but no one actually needs a mansion, a yacht, weekly massages, $200 hair cuts, and luxury business suits. And company managers and owners to not need to rape their customers up the ass with a chainsaw to increase profit margins, either. I see the same thing happening in corporation owned movie theatres, veterinary clinics, grocery stores, *cough*politics*cough*, phone companies, and banks as I see recently in LiveJournal: a lower standard of care or a lower quality product for a much higher price.

So today I downgraded to Basic. Because I still can. I had the ad-funded free account before, and I actually don't care all that much about a website using ads to generate profit. However, I'd better be getting damned fine care, a fine product, and lots of slashy smut in return. I wasn't getting that.

And besides, I can do with only 6 icons; I usually stick to two or three in any case. I'm going to be wearing my current icon, made by seeitbloom and posted in lecollage until the 22nd of March. I've never actually used any of the "cool new features" the new management is touting, because I think they're relatively useless. I also don't have an exciting background on my journal to begin with, so the fancy layouts aren't a big deal to me either.

I also plan on not posting on March 21st, as my icon indicates. Not that I think it will do much, but I believe that if enough "grass roots" antagonism towards some of the recent decisions by the management is felt, perhaps it will give them pause in the future. More information is available at beckyzoole's journal or in this entry by seeitbloom
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