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Does your vote count?

Mkay. I'm going to put this disclaimer first. I rarely put political information on any of my journals. In fact I try to avoid it since I generally find politics so discouraging.

But tonight, I went to a screening of "Uncounted: the new math of American elections". The film maker, emmy award winner David Earnhardt was there, and I got a chance to speak to him briefly about his film which basically discusses the disturbing 'anomalies' in some of the newer voting machines.

This issue is an issue which deeply concern me. This is not partisan issue, it effects Republican and Democrat alike, and more importantly involves the core issue of American liberty: the ability to effectively cast a vote for a public offical who will represent your voice in local, state, or national issues.

Personally, I believe that individuals and small groups could and have and will put in place measures to influence the integrity of the American voting system. And if we, in the freedom lovin' U. S. of A, have flaws in our democratic system, flaws in THE most fundamental aspect of our democratic system...and if no one speaks up about them...then how dare we call ourselves the home of the free and the brave?

Don't take my word on this, don't even take the film's view of things if you watch the film, do your own research and make sure you know that when you go to the polls in November that your voice will be heard, and that your vote will count.

And that's it. I promise not to throw political issues around in this journal until much later in the year.
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