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Last Man Standing

Yes, I think I can safely say I was underwhelmed by the season finale. An entire episode which really served no purpose other than providing Sheppard with the coordinates to the place where Teyla was being held. And really, this was the only way they could fill the other 42 minutes of the show? Couldn't they have, oh say, gotten the coordinates from Todd? Maybe have captured a hybrid soldier guy? Have Teyla psychically project the coordinates of the planet she's on? Oh, wait, you've already sort of used that one in this story arc. And we wouldn't want to recycle material, now would we?

The solar flare time travel has been done, y'all. Been there, done that, got the sunburn, waived at the crew of the Enterprise as it, too, used the sun for time travel.

And I'm sorry, but did I miss the SGA episode where Dr. Keller became the mandatory girlfriend of the city? Liable to ensorcel any and all single men who spend more than five minutes in her presence?

Someone check her pheromone levels before her vortex of femaleness engulfs the entirety of the Pegasus galaxy. For the love of everything holy. Either let the poor girl stay single, and enjoy battery-run company 'twixt her nethers (yes, I needed to add that. No, I don't feel guilty for giving a nod to a different sci fi series), or let her settle down with ONE guy.

Yes, I understand that there is some precedent set by her asking McKay for a beer in the Three's Company episode. However...and I mean this in the most unbiased way possible...McKay is clearly hot for Sheppard in this episode. I'm far from being a rabid slasher, but golly jee whiz guys, you aren't making it very hard to draw some conclusions here.

Please note that Holograph!McKay just sort of smiles emptily when recalling Carter's death. Then with nary a tear, nor faltering word recalls Dr. Keller's death. Then he DISREGARDS her DYING WISH, spends the REST OF HIS LIFE figuring out how to bring Sheppard back, and presumably dies sad and alone after withering in a musty physics classroom for his remaining years.


Having said all that, it wasn't all bad, and I would like to provide praise for the 'YAY' moments listed below in no particular order:

*Lorne! YAY! You deserve that chair, kiddo. You're one of the consistently awesome secondary characters. Go you!

*Todd. YAY! If you were my wraith, I would spoil you rotten. I'd put ribbons in your hair, and feed you high quality organic wraith kibble, and take you to off-world parks to play with other wraith. You have awesome plans, and have your priorities straightened out. You have awesome tattoos, and your wit is above par. You are my other favorite secondary.

*Ronon. Way to manage to stay true to character despite being put in a whack-a-doodle episode. I snorted out snot at, "I was just going to blow it up." Really. I had to pause the player so that I could go to the bathroom and wipe off the mucous mustache. I know. TMI.

*Old!McKay...yes, You look more than a little bit like my dad. And I think I now have a deeper, Freudian-based understanding of why I like you/want to throw you off of an Atlantean tower and into the ocean. Yes, I know, overload of TMI. But yay nevertheless for once again single-handedly saving everyone. PLUS, you seem to have mellowed out considerably as you aged. Maybe teaching agrees with you? XD

*Samantha Carter. Well, I have to say this episode made me respect you. Just a smidge more. Way to out-balls Michael, and way to not ponce around and moan about having to die to do it. A non-begrudging yay for you.

*Dr. Keller. You also got some non-sarcastic, non-begrudging respect out of me. You, too, get props for not bemoaning your fate and for giving the finger to the IOA. Plus, you were just rockin' your post-Atlantis but pre-death hairdo.

Point of interest? Couldn't they have just combined the past two story lines, and have had Carson get sent to the future, then back again to deliver the warning/coordinates? I can think of several ways they could have pulled it off and have made it more interesting than what they went with.
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