sirventes (sirventes) wrote,

I iz Schrödinger's cat nao?

All laws of the universe being the same, I am unable to put my paycheck in my account at the bank. And though my check exists, because it is dated for the first of March, the money it represents does NOT exist today. Therefore, we can surmise that the money does NOT exist at all points of time and space simultaneously. If it did, it would exist in my bank account right now.

Clark the cat agrees, and emphasized his knowledge of Quantum Mechanics by placing himself in a box. I do not own a geiger counter however, nor any radioactive material, so an actual experiment was out of the question; I think he did it only for dramatic effect.

My apologies to Schrödinger and Einstein, who undoubtably are spinning in their own (subterrainian) unobservable boxes...
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