sirventes (sirventes) wrote,

I have a drugged pit bull on my couch...

Ugh. I always feel bad handing clients of my vet clinic bills for $300 dollars for a week's hospitalization...

...that is until I have to take one of my own animals in for emergency care. I just spent four hours and $650 dollars of my mom's money to find out that Angie the pit bull has an elevated white blood cell count. Does that at all help me treat the symptoms I brought her in for (vomiting, abdominal pain, trembling)? No. No it doesn't.

You know what I want? I want an emergency clinic just for vet techs and other animal professionals, so that I can go in at 8pm on a Saturday, and say, "Look. I just want some anti-nausea meds, some pain killers, some subQ fluids, and an X-ray just so I know this isn't bloat. Oh, and since I CAN DO ALL OF THOSE THINGS MY DAMN SELF but don't happen to have the equipment or medications at my house, let's see if we can do this for $200 or less, and within a half hour, mkay? Mkay."

I didn't say that, however, to the pert and perky emergency doctor on staff who very kindly pointed out the landscape of my dog's X-ray which I had already skimmed to see it was normal. Nor did I point out I was a vet tech to anyone at all, as that generally...changes nothing. They don't even offer a professional discount on services; I know from past experience there.


They wanted to keep her for observation. I smiled politely and declined, saving my mother $500 more dollars, and took her home all nicely doped up on pain meds.

Yes, I am an idiot for expecting this to turn out differently than it did, and yes, I will doubtless end up in a similar circumstance sooner rather than later. I don't screw around when one of my animals is in pain.


Sick Pup
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