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More proof that I am a full-blooded geek.

I saw this article about a new X-Men movie this morning, and for a brief moment allowed my inner 16 year old to possess my body. There was much squealing and clapping of hands.

Don't get me wrong, I've been a wolverine fan since long before the first X-Men movie was even a dollar sign shaped glimmer in some movie executive's eye. And Hugh Jackman PWNS the character. I mean pwns it like the Japanese pwn Hawaii. Seriously. He's badass.

But let's face facts: Gambit is the only reason girls got into American comics. Ok, THIS girl at least. He's angst wrapped in lean muscle surrounded by a Cajun accent. And he has a big stick. I don't think I need Freud to interpret the interest in the character. Which is why I could never figure out why they didn't put him in the first three films, not to mention the fact that as a fan of the comic I found the Bobby/Logan/Rogue triangle...uncomfortable.

But enough of future events! Instead, let us travel back to the paleozoic, and ruminate on the wonders of the majestic trilobite. And, why yes, I made it out of banana flavored Runtz candy:

I also wanted to share a pic of the first egg of 2008 (that the chickens have not eaten). So I have a green egg. Now I need some whey protein ham-like substitute, a fox, a box, a train, and some rain and I'll be set:

And finally, for those of you who did not know that there's a lunar eclipse tonight, a picture of a lunar eclipse. I got my binoculars back from my co-worker yesterday, so I'm going to watch the moon rise/eclipse live. If the weather holds.

The eclipsed lunar moon is red. If you were on the moon during the eclipse and looking back towards Earth, you would be able to see a continuous ring of red surrounding the night-side of the globe; a continuous ring of sunrise and sunset light. It is this light that we can see bouncing off of the moon's surface, hence the red glow:

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