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More evidence that the Universe hates me:

I put my paycheck through the wash.

No, it wasn't a misguided effort to launder money. It was, in point of fact, the one and only time I have actually done my laundry before it mounded into a small mountain in the back room.

The result of doing my chores in a timely manner? Despite my diligent efforts to separate it from the moist, melted remains of its envelope and several receipts, the check was un-salvageable. Or so said the befuddled bank tellers who quite politely pointed out that the routing number was illegible. And of course it's a three day weekend, and of course my rent is overdue, the car insurance is two weeks late, and my phone will probably be deactivated.

My boss is going to re-issue the check on Monday. The Paycheck is dead...long live the Paycheck!
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