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I'm hot blooded! Check it and seeeeeeee...

...I have a fever of one hundred and threeeeeeeee!

Ahem. Ok, it's only 101.6.

But it is the third fever in two months, and it totally pwns my brain. I would take off of work - as I wasn't able to make change for something that cost $9.49 out of the $10 bill the customer handed me (Yeah...embarrassment) - but I have no one to take over my shifts until a week from now.

In happier news, I can now (mostly) drive stick. This is a more amazing feat than it may first appear, as a) I was suffering aforementioned fever at the time of the lessons, b) I have never driven stick shift before, and c) my ex-fighter pilot father was the one teaching me to drive.

Now. My father's attempt to teach me to drive an automatic ended in yelling, cursing, death threats, tears, and a fuming mother. He did a good job this time, though; there were no raised voices, and only five humiliating stalls when I forgot to fully push in the clutch when coming to a stop.

Twenty minutes later, I could drive like a pro. In the bums-rushed-off-of-the-raceway for rampant alcoholism sense of the word 'pro'.

I may resort to steroids to improve my performance.

I'm back in love with the show. Horrible, slobbering love.

I watched "Be All My Sins Remember'd" and "Spoils of War" back to back, my two non-fever-crisped brain cells working furiously to recall the plot of the shows aired before the holidays, and found both shows to be lovely.

Now. I'm CERTAIN there's already a fanfic out there entitled "Rodney's Rut", but if not, for the love of everything holy, someone write it!! Maybe it was just me, or maybe it was the cough suppressants, but did not Sheppard AND Zelenka mention McKay being in a rut? Did Sam Carter mention it too? Help.

Also...I'm just putting this out there...Todd the Wrait. So much love. He stole the show. Both shows. Stole them and put them in an ornately carved pirate's chest. I want more of Todd.

Finally, I would like to salute Teyla's return to kickassery. Perhaps there's some hormones kicking in, as I sensed more than a whiff of Eau du Bitch. Good for her. The kid needs to have at least one strong female example amongst the...I'm going to go with 20...male role models he's going to have. Though shouldn't her impressive increase in power have told her where/what Todd was planning?

Why can't Sarah be blond...? I get why John has to have the emo hair, but why is Sarah sporting "Desperate Housewives"-esque brunette ringlets? Where's my bicep-wielding, dirty-blond, trailer trash Sarah? I miss the 80's Sarah on whom I had a vigorous girl-crush as a pre-teen. Enough hyphens.

I can't say I'm hooked. I can say that I've pledged to myself to hold out for five full episodes to see how it goes. Let us not forget that while the first episode of The X-Files, the first episode of Firefly, and the first episode of Supernatural were glorious, there are some shows that did not begin to shine until well into the first season. I'm thinking specifically of Star Trek: TNG, Buffy (sorry Buffy fans), and even Friends.

It did have some good points, though I imagine that if this series takes off, fans of the show will always look back and say, "Aw! They were all so awkward, angsting, and anachronistic in these episodes! Bless their little hearts!"

In any case, I'm willing to give the show a fair go. There's nothing else to watch on network television anyway.
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