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As a distraction in my car-less state, I've watched the Masterpiece Theatre version of Jane Eyre on PBS. The first half was last Sunday, and the ending was tonight. I was afraid the the adaptation wouldn't live up to my vivid imaginings of Bronte's creation of years ago. How can you pack all of the wit, and the sidelong glances, and the bleak sublimeness of a full length novel into four hours of film? But they did!

Oh, the inter-class love! Oh, the horrible, wonderful angst! They're so awkward, and sweet and witty. And bitingly cynical.

C'mon. I'll say it if no one else will. We're all thinking it: Rochester must be such a kinky slut behind the bedcurtains. All that bottled up guilt and anger must make for interesting nights. Especially with the blindness. You know they say that the other senses compensate. Bet he likes to pull hair and bite! Rowrr.


Who says Victorians aren't any fun, huh? You just have to peel away the shiny, well-coiffed surface...and the smut abounds!
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