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The wheels on the bus go round and round...

I have a story. It is about riding buses, if you hadn't guessed.

Exactly a week ago, my car stalled out at a light. A very nice homeless person helped push me out of the road and to a gas station, wherein the saga of the dying Hyundai began.

Very Nice Tow Guy was at the gas station within an hour, despite it being early Sunday morning, and despite only having had three hours of sleep the night before (I know this because...well, I spent a lot of time with him over the course of this week). For those of you who, like me, did not know: auto repair places are closed on Sundays.

As Monday and Tuesday were holidays, it was not until Wednesday until it would have been possible to fix the car. As I was not paid until Wednesday, it was not until Thursday that Very Nice Tow Truck Guy came back, and took the car to the repair place. For thirty dollars and two hugs. I'm a cheap tow.

Thursday evening, I was told the problem was likely the head gasket, a broken coil, and some fuel-spoiled spark plugs. Ok. No problem.

Friday evening, I was told the car was still not running. They needed more time.

Saturday, the words no car owner wants to hear coming from the mouth of their mechanic were uttered: "...the engine may need to be rebuilt. We'll do some diagnostics, and get back to you on Monday."


Now, keep in mind that I am naturally poor; under the best of circumstances, I have no extra cash at hand. With Christmas gifts having been purchased just before all of this happened, I was woefully overdrawn on my account. The first estimate on repair was $500 dollars. Now...?

Well, let's just say that I'm open to any useful get-rich-quick scheming suggestions.

The result? As you may have cleverly deduced, I have been riding the bus to work and back, to pet sitting jobs and back, and to the grocery store and back. I walked to work once, and walked home once. That's a 7 mile journey one way, an hour and a half at a fast clip, and while not spirit-breaking it wasn't pleasant.

Karmically, this has to be good for me somehow. I'd been meaning to start biking to work a few days a week anyway, and talking to strangers is something I should be pushed in to more often. Keeps me from being a recluse.
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