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Yes, I'll keep this brief. Promise.

I've been an LJ peep off and on since 2001, which seems like a long time now that I'm thinking about it, and it is. All of my adult life, in fact. I've also dabbled in DeadJournal, GreatestJournal, and other non-journal-ish social network sites. And yet, I always seem to find myself back here.

I think it's because of the open nature of the community, the more mature outlook (for the most part), and (in times past) the adult-themed LJ communities. Now, however, censorship is becoming commonplace, and that slight edge of paranoid insularity is beginning to add a nasty mood to the place. Look, folks. I'm not for children being given free access to harmful material. I do understand the theory behind censorship. HOWEVER. In practice, I personally feel that a) it is THE PARENT'S responsibility to decide what is and is not appropriate for their own child and to set parameters for that child and that b) censorship in most forms is not only wrong but morally and ethically harmful and often causes more damage than it seeks to prevent.

I also have a strong dislike for all things corporate. Everyone has to make a paycheck, yes, but no one actually needs a mansion, a yacht, weekly massages, $200 hair cuts, and luxury business suits. And company managers and owners to not need to rape their customers up the ass with a chainsaw to increase profit margins, either. I see the same thing happening in corporation owned movie theatres, veterinary clinics, grocery stores, *cough*politics*cough*, phone companies, and banks as I see recently in LiveJournal: a lower standard of care or a lower quality product for a much higher price.

So today I downgraded to Basic. Because I still can. I had the ad-funded free account before, and I actually don't care all that much about a website using ads to generate profit. However, I'd better be getting damned fine care, a fine product, and lots of slashy smut in return. I wasn't getting that.

And besides, I can do with only 6 icons; I usually stick to two or three in any case. I'm going to be wearing my current icon, made by seeitbloom and posted in lecollage until the 22nd of March. I've never actually used any of the "cool new features" the new management is touting, because I think they're relatively useless. I also don't have an exciting background on my journal to begin with, so the fancy layouts aren't a big deal to me either.

I also plan on not posting on March 21st, as my icon indicates. Not that I think it will do much, but I believe that if enough "grass roots" antagonism towards some of the recent decisions by the management is felt, perhaps it will give them pause in the future. More information is available at beckyzoole's journal or in this entry by seeitbloom
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Does your vote count?

Mkay. I'm going to put this disclaimer first. I rarely put political information on any of my journals. In fact I try to avoid it since I generally find politics so discouraging.

But tonight, I went to a screening of "Uncounted: the new math of American elections". The film maker, emmy award winner David Earnhardt was there, and I got a chance to speak to him briefly about his film which basically discusses the disturbing 'anomalies' in some of the newer voting machines.

This issue is an issue which deeply concern me. This is not partisan issue, it effects Republican and Democrat alike, and more importantly involves the core issue of American liberty: the ability to effectively cast a vote for a public offical who will represent your voice in local, state, or national issues.

Personally, I believe that individuals and small groups could and have and will put in place measures to influence the integrity of the American voting system. And if we, in the freedom lovin' U. S. of A, have flaws in our democratic system, flaws in THE most fundamental aspect of our democratic system...and if no one speaks up about them...then how dare we call ourselves the home of the free and the brave?

Don't take my word on this, don't even take the film's view of things if you watch the film, do your own research and make sure you know that when you go to the polls in November that your voice will be heard, and that your vote will count.

And that's it. I promise not to throw political issues around in this journal until much later in the year.
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I iz Schrödinger's cat nao?

All laws of the universe being the same, I am unable to put my paycheck in my account at the bank. And though my check exists, because it is dated for the first of March, the money it represents does NOT exist today. Therefore, we can surmise that the money does NOT exist at all points of time and space simultaneously. If it did, it would exist in my bank account right now.

Clark the cat agrees, and emphasized his knowledge of Quantum Mechanics by placing himself in a box. I do not own a geiger counter however, nor any radioactive material, so an actual experiment was out of the question; I think he did it only for dramatic effect.

My apologies to Schrödinger and Einstein, who undoubtably are spinning in their own (subterrainian) unobservable boxes...
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A Dog's Breakfast

Angie's officially better.

All of us, me, Angie, the cats, and the foster puppy, slept until noon today, after which we enjoyed a light lunch, and spent most of the day outside. It was 80 today, but breezy and was therefore perfect.

Between the sleep, the lounging in the sunshine, and several small meals of rice with scrambled eggs fresh-from-the-chickens, Angie seems to be back to normal. No eating of grass, no sad under the breath whimpering, and no vomit.

In the afternoon, I opened all of the windows and doors and turned on the fans since it was so nice, then everyone piled onto the couch for a cozy nap.

Tomorrow, we plan to do much the same.
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I have a drugged pit bull on my couch...

Ugh. I always feel bad handing clients of my vet clinic bills for $300 dollars for a week's hospitalization...

...that is until I have to take one of my own animals in for emergency care. I just spent four hours and $650 dollars of my mom's money to find out that Angie the pit bull has an elevated white blood cell count. Does that at all help me treat the symptoms I brought her in for (vomiting, abdominal pain, trembling)? No. No it doesn't.

You know what I want? I want an emergency clinic just for vet techs and other animal professionals, so that I can go in at 8pm on a Saturday, and say, "Look. I just want some anti-nausea meds, some pain killers, some subQ fluids, and an X-ray just so I know this isn't bloat. Oh, and since I CAN DO ALL OF THOSE THINGS MY DAMN SELF but don't happen to have the equipment or medications at my house, let's see if we can do this for $200 or less, and within a half hour, mkay? Mkay."

I didn't say that, however, to the pert and perky emergency doctor on staff who very kindly pointed out the landscape of my dog's X-ray which I had already skimmed to see it was normal. Nor did I point out I was a vet tech to anyone at all, as that generally...changes nothing. They don't even offer a professional discount on services; I know from past experience there.


They wanted to keep her for observation. I smiled politely and declined, saving my mother $500 more dollars, and took her home all nicely doped up on pain meds.

Yes, I am an idiot for expecting this to turn out differently than it did, and yes, I will doubtless end up in a similar circumstance sooner rather than later. I don't screw around when one of my animals is in pain.


Sick Pup
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SGA Episdoe 4x18

Not cutting, 'cause I'm not spolin'.

1. Way to go SGA, that was the first dream-fake-out in a long time that actually caught me.

2. Wow, Teyla's chest is huge. Like, whoa. Someone give her a comfy sweat shirt instead of a bustier, please?

3.Perhaps this was the reason for Rodney being all sweet and...human. Nevertheless, I thought he was adorable.

4. Ending <3. Much like the beginning of the episode, SGA caught me off guard. Way to go, writers.

5. Did I mention Teyla's rack?
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More proof that I am a full-blooded geek.

I saw this article about a new X-Men movie this morning, and for a brief moment allowed my inner 16 year old to possess my body. There was much squealing and clapping of hands.

Don't get me wrong, I've been a wolverine fan since long before the first X-Men movie was even a dollar sign shaped glimmer in some movie executive's eye. And Hugh Jackman PWNS the character. I mean pwns it like the Japanese pwn Hawaii. Seriously. He's badass.

But let's face facts: Gambit is the only reason girls got into American comics. Ok, THIS girl at least. He's angst wrapped in lean muscle surrounded by a Cajun accent. And he has a big stick. I don't think I need Freud to interpret the interest in the character. Which is why I could never figure out why they didn't put him in the first three films, not to mention the fact that as a fan of the comic I found the Bobby/Logan/Rogue triangle...uncomfortable.

But enough of future events! Instead, let us travel back to the paleozoic, and ruminate on the wonders of the majestic trilobite. And, why yes, I made it out of banana flavored Runtz candy:

I also wanted to share a pic of the first egg of 2008 (that the chickens have not eaten). So I have a green egg. Now I need some whey protein ham-like substitute, a fox, a box, a train, and some rain and I'll be set:

And finally, for those of you who did not know that there's a lunar eclipse tonight, a picture of a lunar eclipse. I got my binoculars back from my co-worker yesterday, so I'm going to watch the moon rise/eclipse live. If the weather holds.

The eclipsed lunar moon is red. If you were on the moon during the eclipse and looking back towards Earth, you would be able to see a continuous ring of red surrounding the night-side of the globe; a continuous ring of sunrise and sunset light. It is this light that we can see bouncing off of the moon's surface, hence the red glow:


More evidence that the Universe hates me:

I put my paycheck through the wash.

No, it wasn't a misguided effort to launder money. It was, in point of fact, the one and only time I have actually done my laundry before it mounded into a small mountain in the back room.

The result of doing my chores in a timely manner? Despite my diligent efforts to separate it from the moist, melted remains of its envelope and several receipts, the check was un-salvageable. Or so said the befuddled bank tellers who quite politely pointed out that the routing number was illegible. And of course it's a three day weekend, and of course my rent is overdue, the car insurance is two weeks late, and my phone will probably be deactivated.

My boss is going to re-issue the check on Monday. The Paycheck is dead...long live the Paycheck!
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